About Thundercrawl

A driving tour that won’t cost you a fortune but will give you a trip to remember, driving on some of Europe’s finest roads (in some of Europe’s worst cars!).

Diamonds might be forever but your car certainly won’t last that long as you can only spend up to £200, so it is really a bit of an endurance event. Many teams raise money for charity. If that’s your aim then we more than welcome you but we don’t make it a condition of entry.

Thundercrawl Route

The Thundercrawl Rally is themed loosely on the Bond films, and so the route takes in some of the more memorable locations from several of the the films….(and plenty more besides), en-route to Venice. Starting in Reims, a vist to Thun in Switzerland before the beauty of the mountain top restaurant at Piz Gloria.

Day 1: Boulogne to Spiez

The first days route is a long one (approx. 560 miles) but it takes us through France to Swizerland, ending by the picturesque lakeside aptly named Spiez.

Day 2: Spiez to Lake Maggiore

On the second day we head into the Alps, stopping off at Blofeld’s mountain-top lair from on “Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, now a famous revolving restaurant, before driving over the stunning Furka pass, where Goldfinger was chased in the the iconic DB5, onto the scenic shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy.

Day 3: Verzasca Dam to Venice

Starting the day by the Verzasca Dam, scene of the death defying bungee jump at the beginning of Goldeneye (now the highest permanent public bungee jump in the world) Anyone who wants to be “shaken and steered” on this event is welcome to have a go, before getting back in the car to head through the Italian Lakes towards Venice, scene of Casino Royale and the powered gondola chase from Moonraker. For those who make it this far, where better to enjoy a Martini at the awards presentation and party!