Crumball Rally
GRAND PRIX 10 - 11 - 12 MAY 2018

About Grand Prix

A driving tour for car and motorsport enthusiasts to the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, taking place in May 2018. Brought to you by The Crumball Rally team, the trip won't cost a fortune, but it will give you a fantastic experience to remember, stopping at some great sights and driving on some of Europe's finest roads.

Eligible vehicles are either a banger, which should cost £200 or less, or alternatively anything with a convertible roof with an engine size less than 2500cc. Whether you come in a classic or a modern soft top, our key requirement is a “hood down whatever the weather” mentality and a sense of adventure!

How long is it and when will it take place?

The Rally itself includes 3 days actual driving, starting at 9am on Thursday 10th May 2018 in Reims and ends on Saturday 12th May in Nice, leaving Sunday to watch the Monte Carlo Historic Grand Prix in Monaco.

Support en route

Crumball Rally does not offer any support (aside from a sympathetic ear if you break down). So if you're concerned about conking out miles from anywhere on a mountain pass, we strongly recommend you organise European breakdown cover for yourself.

What do you do each day besides driving?

To keep you and your passengers amused, we set daily tasks to perform en route. However there is no compulsion to take part, so if you just want to cruise through the countryside enjoying the views, stopping for long lunches, that's just as cool with us too. Remember rule number 1... this is categorically not a race across Europe, but a leisurely drive by like minded people, and there will be no advantage in arriving first.

For those who wish to take part in the daily tasks, there are cash prizes on offer at the presentation ceremony on the last evening. Additional awards may be given at the organiser’s discretion or as voted for by the entrants. Of course everyone will be treated like a winner having made it to the end, and each participant will be provided with an appropriately rubbish memento at the finish.


Details of the general route can be seen on the route page and stop over points and other stuff will be advised via facebook and sent to you when you register so that you can book your accommodation in advance. Approximately a month before the start of the rally we will send you your rally guide which will contain final route details etc. and any advance task requirements (!) etc..

How much does it cost to take part, and what's included?

The entry fees, inclusive of 2 people's entry tickets into the Schlumph Bugatti Museum, have been held at our 2016 prices and are as follows for a car with 2 passengers:

Bookings between November 1st and January 31st 2018: £245
Bookings from 1st February 2018: £295

Additional passengers are £65 each (inclusive of museum tickets).

A month before the event you will receive a rally manual and set of car stickers. (Please note that the entry fee does not include any accommodation, ferries or tickets to the Historic Grand Prix). Spaces are limited to 80 cars, so please sign up as soon as possible. For payment details please click onto and complete the Sign Up page page, which will automatically direct you to Paypal, where you can pay by debit or credit card. If you have any questions please contact us at

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