Crumball Rally

About 'Allo 'Allo

Listen very carefully! Another uniquely themed event run for the first time in 2009, the Crumball Rally Co presented "'Allo 'Allo", a banger rally drawing inspiration from arguably the best British tv comedy series ever. In a break from the usual Crumball tradition, instead of requiring everyone to turn up in a painted-up £200 banger, on this event we welcomed anyone to come in any type of car. (Since the route also starts and ends near ferry ports with easy access to Blighty, the usual formula of "scrap the car and get a cheap single flight back" did not apply).

'Allo 'Allo Route

The route went as far south as Macon, capital of the Beaujolais region, before heading north again through Luxembourg and Belgium, and onto the "Venice of the North", the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bruges for the Sunday evening presentation night.

Day 1: Boulogne to Auxerre (Approximately 260 miles)

Starting from the fictional town of Nouvion, better known as Boulogne, where all the teams can admire / laugh / take bets on the durability of each other's vehicles! The first days route take us through the Champagne region, and on through the French countryside to the picturesque town of Auxerre, with its winding streets and squares below belfries and half-timbered houses.

Day 2: Auxerre to Mâcon (Approximately 210 miles)

Today we set out to the most southerly point on the route and the active centre of the Resistance during World War II, to the paved streets of Mâcon on the river Saone.

Day 3: Mâcon to Bruges (Approximately 440 miles)

Starting in hypermarket car park in Mâcon, the route then heads north via the rolling Luxembourg countryside and the aptly named Belgium town of Renaix, before heading to the architectural beauty of Bruges for a well earned drink at the finish.